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Bannister GM Custom Trucks

At Bannister GM we don't just have parts people, we have parts fanatics. Most of our custom parts and accessory installations are done the same week depending on stock. Bannister GM uses both OEM and Aftermarket parts, so ask us if you're looking for something specific.

Do you want your whip to be a stunner? Come see our Bannister Customs Specialists in our parts department to transform your ride to your liking. Don’t have any ideas? Bannister Customs would love to convert your vehicle to turn some heads.

Our installation prices are very competitive with great turnaround time and if your buying a vehicle we can finance them into your purchase!! So come down and we'll sort you out and have you rollin' in no time.


Want to jack up your truck to fit a larger tire or slam it so it almost hits the floor, we have kits for both. From a 2-3" drop to a monster 7" lift, your options are never ending for how you want your vehicle be.


When stock tires just don't cut it, Bannister GM has 18 to 24” wheels for that Monster Diesel or that lowered SUV. Whether you like stainless, chrome or stealthy matte black, we have what you need for your vehicle.


Tire brand, tread pattern and size are a very important decision. They are what connects you to the road, trail, or mud pit that you're bombing on, through or over. We offer a wide variety of brands at competitive prices.


For a more aggressive off road look, sometimes when you upgrade to a larger wheel and tire you need fender flares to help cover the size of tire. They also help protect from various road debris.


They can help you and your family get up into your truck. They're also a good way to put some style to your vehicle. There are tons of different models available, even powered retractable steps that give the sleek style but are there when you need a lift.


We have light kits available wether you just want to be brighter, change the direction or other options to see on or off the road. When you're Off-Roading it can get dark quick, so make sure your equipped with some auxiliary lighting for any condition.


Want that muscle car sound? Upgrading your exhaust is an easy and efficient way to make power. Whether it's an exhaust system, headers, or just a muffler to gain some sound of your exhaust system, each item can increase flow and free up some horse power.


From Carbon-Fibre Inserts to Custom Skid Plates, Bannister GM has the accessory for you. We have Chrome or Colour kits, Bumpers, Badges, Air-Bags, Deflectors or Visors, the options are endless. See something you want?? We can get it for you!


These can be great for the box of your truck, keeping things secure and free of the elements. Tri-Folds are pretty popular but we have other styles like Rolling or Sliding. They're great for when it's wet to keep things dry and locked up.


Racks can hold a lot of gear. Wether it's Kayaks, Fishing Boats, Bikes, or anything for the job site. Not working? Head out in the wilderness and stick a tent up on top! Enjoy being off the ground, nice & dry and out of reach of those pesky critters.