00:03 - Approach the rear of your vehicle

With your vehicle's handsfree Power Lift Gate You can open and close your lift gate with a simple kicking motion below the bumper. Here's how to use it. First, approach the rear of your vehicle with your key fob and close proximity.

00:20 - Aim your kick

As you get within 6ft, the logo projection turns on automatically and it will stay on for 60 seconds. Now aim your kick over the logo or at the sensor for older vehicles, ideally, you should do it in one quick straight motion.

00:37 - Opening

The liftgate will delay for 2 seconds before opening so you can step safely away from the lift gate. Your tail lamps will then flash and a sound will chime to alert you that the lift gate is opening or closing.

00:51 - Closing

To close the lift gate, you can kick again or press the button on the liftgate. Want to adjust the opening height? Find the power, liftgate knob or button in your vehicle. Depending on the model, it can be a knob on the driver's door or overhead panel, while in some vehicles it can be a button in the lift gate area.

01:12 - Set height

Then set it to three four mode position. Once the liftgate is open, you can adjust it manually to your preferred height. Then save the setting by pressing and holding the button on the liftgate until the tail lamps flash and a beep sounds.

01:28 - Distance

When using this feature, keep in mind that your key fob must be within 3ft of the vehicle for your kick to work. If the logo projection turns off, you can still open and close the lift gate with a kick.

01:41 - One Fob

Make sure you're only carrying one key fob at a time, because the logo projection won't activate when both key fobs are near your vehicle. For more information about where to kick, check your own manual.

01:54 - Customize

If you'd like to customize the kit function, go to Settings on your Infotainment screen. Tap the Vehicle tab and select comfort and convenience. Then tap Hands Free. Liftgate trunk Control settings. From there, you can turn it off completely, change the kick function to unopen only, or select Unopened and Close.

02:18 - Using your fob

You can also operate your lift gate using the buttons on your key Fob. Just press the liftgate button twice to open or close it. And remember, you can always open or close your liftgate manually if you need to.

02:31 - Using the buttons

You can open it through the exterior switch, close it through the switch on the liftgate shut face, or use the interior switch to open or close the lift gate. It's that simple.

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