I had recently purchased a new vehicle from this dealership, had a chance to run it and put it through its paces as a work truck. It was performing perfectly so far and I was very pleased with the truck as a whole.
During the cold snap in Feb, while working in extremely cold temperatures, I experienced a breakdown of a critical part that would park the truck for an indefinite amount of time, possibly months. There appeared to be no known replacement part in North America at the time.
This was very frustrating for me, or anyone, who had just purchased a vehicle to be reliable and trouble free, and now faced parking it and scrambling to find another vehicle to take its place until it could be fixed.
A short time later, the service department called and said they had searched all over and had somehow come up with the part and wanted the vehicle back in. They were very busy in the service shop, but somehow made room for my vehicle and got it in and repaired. They definitely went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was back ready for work as quick as they could. I’m very grateful and have had no problem praising their good work and the awesome people that work there. They truly do look after you, right from purchasing the vehicle to servicing it and keeping you on the road, confident the vehicle is back in perfect condition. I’ve never been one to recommend a store or dealership to anyone, until now. I would recommend anyone coming here, whether buying or experiencing their service or parts.